The ramblings of a mad man, likely.

I’m a gay Kentuckian hip-hop fan who likes to cook, play video games and drink beer, bourbon, and wine.  I have no pretense about myself.  I don’t pretend to live the best lifestyle.  BUT there are a lot of people who like my cooking, who like my taste in music, et cetera. At the expense of sounding like a complete tool, I created this blog to help people with my sensibilities (or even part of my sensibilities).

This will be a very unpretentious blog and debate is encouraged.

It will be accessible, as there will  be five main categories of blog posts.  #music (always comes first), #food, #wine, #beer, and #bourbon.

please stay tuned.

p.s. all ratings i give on this blog are strictly subjective. your mileage may vary.


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